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Throughout 2021, sculptures will be exhibited globally in cities and parks, near museums, and at schools and universities. The technology is powered by Apple & Google Augmented Reality and Geolocation technology. The location-based Augmented Reality (AR) technology, first made popular  by Pokémon GO,  is used to allow visitors to explore the sculptures in a new, socially distanced, responsible manner. The sculpture collections can be found in over hundreds of locations covering every continent, in many countries and in every capital of every US state. New locations to display the art collections can be added anywhere in the world where Google ARCore and Apple ARKit  Augmented Reality are supported.

Surprising new sculpture collections incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) themes will be revealed on the first of every month. Throughout 2021, the sculpture collections will feature the work of Anton Bakker and will display mathematical themes including: Curves, Polylines, Knots, Spirals, Möbius, Fractals, Stars, and Optical Illusions.

Based on the many requests we received, sculptures can now be seen globally and no longer require the use of location tracking.

Press images for the monthly sculpture collections can be found here.

Download this QR code to promote the sculpture project near you.

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