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A new location can be added for a fee that includes the following services:

  • 2021 location anchor hosting services

  • Nearest map location and Google navigation services for visitors

  • 2021 monthly new collection

  • The QR code can be used for local promotion and driving traffic to your local exhibit location and surrounding business

User experience flow:

  • User clicks view the collection near me

  • User selects a sculpture of interest from the current collection

  • User can interact with the sculpture on their mobile or desktop device

  • User can select the Augmented Reality feature to see the object in their surrounding area

  • If the user is not at the exhibit location a map will direct the user to the exact location

  • Users can use their mobile device for taking pictures and making videos

  • Users can share their experiences on social platforms and upload their images or videos to the site

The exhibit is based on technology provided by artPRESENT.  Contact artPRESENT for information on augmented reality exhibit services.

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